Logistics firm encourages young people to 'earn while you learn'

Logistics firm encourages young people to 'earn while you learn'

Family-run logistics firm Stiller Warehousing and Distribution is encouraging more young people to get into driving heavy goods vehicles with its own ‘earn while you learn’ scheme.

In the past, stiller has ran successful programmes to attract ex-servicemen and overseas employees in a bid to combat a nationwide shortage of drivers, and now it is turning its attention to the potential from younger employees who have no previous experience in the field.

The firm will invest up to £90,000 a year, as three new drivers will be taken on every two months-costing the company £,5000 per driver in wages and training- as it looks to increase staff numbers.

Stiller will also loan each driver £1,250 to pay for the HGV class C practical training and test fees with a nearby driving school, which will be paid back over six months.

Commercial manager Matthew Stiller said: “This is a way of getting people into the industry faster, and hopefully giving them a permanent job at the end of it.

“Training up young people into HGV drivers will have long-term benefits for the company, because we know when we’ve put them through their training, we’ve given them job specific real-world skills.

“We want to encourage people who haven’t driven HGVs before into the industry and we want to encourage younger people to take up the profession. Driving heavy goods vehicles is an ageing workforce, with an average age of about 53.”

The successful applicants will spend up to two months undergoing in-house training with Stiller while earning £400 a week before taking their HGV test.

“And because we’d be training our own drivers, we’d be showing them our way of operating and it would mean we’d have drivers who don’t have any bad habits at the end of it,” added Matthew.