Turning heads and changing minds

Turning heads and changing minds

Paul Stonebanks, managing director of AIS Training on North Tyneside, samples life in the Aston Martin DB9 GT and finds himself addicted.

I put 150 miles on the clock of this Aston Martin DB9 GT over the course of an early April weekend, and it was easy to see why it was deemed a modern classic – to be driven at alarmingly higher speeds than I managed around the roads of North East England, I’m sure.

It took no more than five minutes for me to become addicted to its sound, aggression and head-turning capability. It’s an outstandingly beautiful piece of machinery, to say the very least. When you’re behind the wheel, people take notice; they stop and stare, attracted first by what they hear and then by what they see.

Aston Martin BD9 GT 02

It wasn’t completely love-at-first-sight on that wet Saturday, though, as on drenched roads I felt the car twitch beneath me. But as the clouds lifted and I settled in for the weekend, this car made me want to drive it again and again.

I thought it would be rude not to leave the car in sport mode, and exploit the engine for everything it had for every mile I could enjoy in it. I climbed in on the much drier Sunday morning, as excited as a small child on Christmas morning.

My neighbours might not have really appreciated the noise first thing that morning; like cutting your grass at 7am on a Sunday, it felt quite socially unacceptable.

But I did it, and loved it, and I’m sure the people twitching their curtains, scowling and cursing, would all forgive me if they too had the chance to drive this car. So, it’s an exciting car to drive, with a sound that electrifies you, but does it manage to be practical too?

Perhaps not for my lifestyle; I’m not sure I’d ask anyone to become a regular back seat passenger, and golf players aren’t likely to find it suits them either, though there is definitely some room in the boot.

Aston Martin DB9 GT 01

And therefore, if you’re single or the kids have upped and left home, and you love a good, fast car, then this is the one for you.  Personally, I’d plump for the Rapide purely from a practicality point of view, because you still get that addiction-factor that comes from this range of fabulously well-finished vehicles.  

Just before I had the chance to step into the DB9 GT, I bought a Range Rover supercharged. I love it... but the Aston Martin has turned my head. So I suppose ideally, I’d get myself a sensible car, AND a DB9 GT. Just for fun.

Aston Martin DB9 GT

The GT model takes the DB9 of old, and gives it a modern makeover of the face and the body. Adorned now with a black splitter at the front, black brake callipers and a new set of lights, it retains the sleek and graceful bodywork that has been turning heads since the original model debuted in 2003.

Vital statistics: the 6.0l, V12 engine offers 30bhp more than the standard model, making it the most powerful DB9 ever. 0-62mph can be done in 4.5 seconds and maxing it will take you all the way to 183mph. There’s little about this car that you can’t configure to your exact desires, but even just a la mode, the interior of this car is art. Few harsh angles, the whole of the dash is one big hand-stitched curve, and you can control – well, everything. Those controls are laid out intuitively, and the AMi II touch sensitive infotainment system is outstanding.

The car Paul drove was an Aston Martin DB9 GT, priced at £139,995.
The car was supplied by: Paul Thursby, Dealer Principal. Aston Martin Newcastle, Cobalt Park Way, Silverlink,Wallsend, Newcastle, NE28 9NZ
Tel: +44 (0)191 6910333

Email: paul.thursby@astonmartinnewcastle.co.uk