Northumberland mum launches bean bag for newborns

Northumberland mum launches bean bag for newborns

North East based soft furnishings entrepreneur Jayne Dolder has launched a new, award-winning product, made especially for newborn babies.

The innovative Bambeano® baby bean bag is designed to help parents enjoy intimate moments with their babies during the first few months of their lives. 

Originally designed for Jayne’s firstborn, Jasmine, the Bambeano® allowed Jayne and her husband and business partner Mark to multitask at work and at home, whilst never having to miss a moment with their new daughter.

As co-owners of Bazaar Group, a soft furnishings specialist based in Cramlington, Mark and Jayne were able to lead their in-house team of designers in developing the UK’s first baby bean bag in 2008.

North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award winner Jayne said: “We were a few years into growing our soft furnishings business when Jasmine was born.

“We had made considerable investment into the business and couldn’t afford to lose track on development, at the same time Jasmine was so dependent on me and I knew she was going to grow up so fast.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from her and needed a safe place for her, where we could see each other at all times and she would feel comfortable.

“We have a fantastic in-house design and production team who loved designing our first baby bean bag for our youngest team member.

“The baby bean bag quickly became Jasmine’s favourite place to be and I was keen to share our new invention with other families, it’s now loved by babies all over the country, has drawn attention from celebrity mums and won an industry leading Mother and Baby Award in 2015 for Best Nursery Product.”

Bambeano® customer reviews and feedback saw parents across the UK testifying to multiple benefits of the product.

The Bambeano® baby bean bag is specially designed for newborn babies aged up to six months and is made with a 100% cotton cover that is removable and machine washable.

Jayne concluded: “We produce the Bambeano® in 100% cotton as it’s really important to use natural fibres, particularly for babies with sensitive skin, as polyester can irritate the skin or cause sweating.

“As a parent of two children myself I would never sell a product that I wasn’t happy for my own children to use.

“The Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag was designed especially for Jasmine and we are very proud of its success to date.

“With its improved design it’s an entirely new product that stands to be loved by a new generation of babies all over again.”