Seaham firm hits £600,000 milestone

Seaham firm hits £600,000 milestone

A Seaham-based cost management firm has hit a significant milestone, helping firms make collective savings of more than £600,000 so far in 2016.

Bradley Groves, chief executive and chairman of Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), launched the company in 2012 to help companies save money on their variable business costs.

Working with County Durham Furniture Help Scheme (CDFHS) GAS managed to hit its target, while also helping the furniture supplier make £22,700 worth of savings.

Steve Mitten, CEO at CDFHS, said: “The money that GAS has helped us to save has enabled us to make our household items more affordable for the people who really need them.

“We will continue to work with the company to identify other areas where we can reduce costs and improve our efficiency.”

Groves said: “We are proud to have hit this significant first quarter milestone. Businesses and organisations across the country are realising the importance of managing their variable business costs, especially in light of volatile wholesale prices, green taxes, insurance price hikes and uncertainty over security of future energy supplies.

“They are realising that cost control is becoming just as important as chasing turnover in this new age of austerity.”