Entrepreneur puts female artists in the picture

Entrepreneur puts female artists in the picture

A North East entrepreneur has launched an online gallery dedicated to female-only artists.

Victoria Anderson, managing director of Art Evolution, aims to address inequality in the art world following results published last year that shows just 31% of artists are female in London-based galleries, while just 40% are represented in galleries across Britain.  

Victoria said: “The statistics speak for themselves. Just as in the corporate world, discrimination towards women affects the art industry.

“It’s my mission to help women artists in Northumberland, the UK and further afield, to promote and sell their artwork online in an environment where they feel confident, comfortable, and empowered.”

North East-based artist and illustrator, Zoe Emma Scott, recently joined Art Evolution. She said: “I was delighted to be invited to exhibit my work online with Art Evolution. 

“Female artists are still hugely under represented and Victoria's decision to have an all-female forum for us to showcase our work is meeting a real need.'

Set up 14 years ago, Art Evolution sets out to make purchasing artwork fun, affordable and free of elitism.

Victoria said: “Our business ethos hasn’t changed but our focus is now firmly set to help female artists.

“Of course I wish there wasn’t a need for a gender-specific place for artists; but until there’s true equality it’s not an option.

“Spreading the message that women are as valuable as men in art, as well as in business and in any other part of life, is vital