Newcastle United ace gives pease a chance

Newcastle United ace gives pease a chance

A Newcastle entrepreneur has embraced his local heritage and created what is believed to be the first ever range of homemade flavoured pease pudding, Pete’s Puddin’, attracting the attention of regional celebrities including Newcastle United midfielder Jack Colback.

Inspired by growing diversity in the food industry and spotting a gap in the market, Peter Mullen, the mastermind behind the business, decided to incorporate aspects of his hometown into the North East delicacy.

The current range from Pete’s Puddin’ includes an original flavour; cheesy Peasy, a cheese flavoured pudding; Broon Ale, inspired by Newcastle’s world famous beer, and Black and Mite, a marmite flavoured spread.

Despite only being in business for seven weeks, Mullen has been planning the venture for over a year and has invested his own savings into the idea.

“I have a limited budget at the moment so I pieced the operation together gradually as I could afford it,” Mullen said.

“Currently all of the products are hand-made and packaged by me at home. If the business scales up I will look to move into a larger production space such as a unit or a shared kitchen.

“Whilst I have been working a job full time I have only been able to go to market once a week on a Sunday at Newcastle Quayside, however I am about to go full time into the pease pudding business and will be increasing the number of markets I attend as well as distributing my products into stores.”

As well as buying direct, Pete’s Puddin’ range is also currently being stocked in some regional stores including Sausology at Grainger Market, Boda Home and Simply Local in Sunniside.5249 Pease

Mullen thanks the endorsement of well known face Jack Colback for some of his recent success.

“I recently managed to get Newcastle United Midfielder Jack Colback to take a photo with me holding the four varieties of pud,” he said.

“I posted the photo on facebook and it has been shared around 100 times and the facebook stats tell me that it is reaching up to 20,000 people a day.

“The post has had over 200 likes and approx. 5,000 people have clicked on the post. This all helps build the brands profile.

“For a small business with a tiny budget for advertising this sort of exposure is a gift, especially for something as simple as a single photograph.”

Now, Mullen is looking to the future of his Geordie business, with big plans to continue sharing and building the brand profile and establishing a steady, regular customer base.

He added: “If I can create a demand and customer base you never know, one day you might see Pete’s Puddin’ in some of the large supermarket chains!”