Former special operations cop launches his own training firm

Former special operations cop launches his own training firm

A former surveillance trainer - who has experience of working on some of the UK’s most dangerous and covert operations - has launched his own company, Orangebox Training Solutions Limited.

Simon Corbett started his career as a police constable working for Durham Constabulary based in Peterlee - but quickly climbed the ranks and secured himself a place working for the National Crime Agency.

The 42-year-old was deployed on investigations across the UK and the world, where he gained recognition for his surveillance techniques, and decided to qualify as a trainer to pass his skills on.

When he left policing after more than two decades, Simon decided to put his training skills to good use, and launched Orangebox Training Solutions Limited, based on Queens Meadow Business Park, in Hartlepool.

Simon offers a range of training courses and has seven freelance trainers working for him, including three vastly experienced female trainers, and four highly qualified men with emergency services backgrounds.

Between the team of eight, they deliver courses on health and safety, manual handling, first aid, food hygiene, presentation skills, and childcare, including safeguarding and early years.

Simon said: “Orangebox Training Solutions delivers effective and dynamic training courses to several sectors.

“We’re different to other training providers and that’s because of the trainers we have on board.

“They have been trained to the level I believe is needed for them to effectively engage with their audience – whether it be six people or 200 people – to maximum effect.

“A lot of employees will have been on courses where they’re almost falling asleep because they’re so bored, or they can’t connect with the trainer. The company which has paid that trainer has basically wasted its money.

“On average, a person will remember 50 per cent of a presentation, and that will reduce to 25 per cent the next day. A week later it’s down to 10 per cent.

“We have changed that, and people will be remembering 60 per cent of the course a week later, which is a massive difference.”

As Orangebox grows, Simon plans to expand further and deliver accredited training courses to the gas and oil sector overseas.


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