Pop up weddings launch in the North East

Pop up weddings launch in the North East

A North East entrepreneur has launched the first wedding planning business of its kind in the region.

Faye Darcy, 24, is striving to make the concept of a pop up wedding an unconventional but attractive alternative to the average wedding.

Her new company, Faye Darcy Pop-Up Weddings, provides a range of all-inclusive marriage, vow-renewal and commitment ceremony packages, in locations set across the north east of England.

Faye took inspiration for the idea after a stint working in Australia in 2015 where the concept is already very popular. She said: “Pop up weddings are a simple and elegant alternative to the more traditional wedding.

“Couples literally pop in to the wedding venue, get married then pop out!

“The ethos is to give people a luxury, no-expense spared wedding but without a huge bill at the end of it, while allowing them to focus on enjoying themselves instead of having to think of every detail and months of stressful planning.”

Faye and her hand-picked team of suppliers organise all elements of the wedding beforehand, including venue, decorations, cake, flowers, photographer and champagne.

The couple simply choose their venue and ceremony time and show up on the day. Each ceremony has at least an hour in between to ensure couples have their exclusive time.

Faye previously helped to run Gold Coast Pop Up Weddings, based on the Gold Coast, Eastern Australia.

Founder, Bree Nicholls, said: “Faye is a very talented wedding and event planner, whose insight and know-how is exceptional, she supported me during the start-up stages of my business and played a huge part into getting Gold Coast Pop Up Weddings to the successful company it now is.

“All of our couples commented on how dedicated she was to them and their special day, I wish Faye all the success into bringing the concept of pop up weddings to reality in the UK.”

Faye said: “Prices of traditional weddings are on the rise. I believe that pop-up weddings will be seen as the wedding option in the future, and are perfect for the more adventurous couple who really want to focus on having fun on their special day.”


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