UK Investors help North East businesses see the light

UK Investors help North East businesses see the light

Investors from across the UK are set to descend on Durham tomorrow in search of North East businesses to back.

Around 40 investors and lenders are due to come face-to-face with up to 100 businesses at the first ever gathering of FinanceCamp North East, a programme designed to make it easier for the region’s businesses to access funding that they need to grow.

Businesses looking for everything from a £1,000 start-up loan to a multi-million pound equity funding round will get a chance to pitch their ideas to a whole spectrum of funders including venture fund managers, angel investors, banks and crowd funding platforms. 

Those taking part have completed a programme of preparations designed to maximise their chances of securing the funds they need. 

FinanceCamp has been organised by the team behind Venturefest North East, building on the success of investor meetings brokered annually at the region’s innovation conference.

Executive director Simon Green said: "There has been an overwhelming response by the investment community to the concept of FinanceCamp, with dozens of funders excited by the prospect of meeting so many exciting businesses on one day.  

"There's nothing quite like FinanceCamp across the UK, helping businesses with understanding their funding options, preparing them to meet with investors and then providing the environment to connect with suitable sources of funding. “ 

The event will see keynote speakers on both sides of the finance fence, including Joe Stevens of Whispering Gibbon and Professor Karl Coleman of Applied Graphene

Materials who will reveal how they raised funding for their North East businesses, while Jeremy Middleton of Middleton Enterprises and Mark Fahy of London Stock Exchange will explain how they have financed ambitious companies .

The day will also offer workshops and one-to-one investor meetings, with the Pitch Black, a dramatic pitching test, to end the day.

Pitch Black is designed to put new skills to the test in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. Businesses will be given three minutes to win over the crowd or be plunged into darkness.

If they succeed, businesses will get a chance to pitch their business to a panel of up to 30 London angel investors. 

"By bringing together such a variety of investors and finance experts, we can provide useful content for businesses of all sectors and stages of development.

"I’m looking forward to seeing the results of all this work in increased funding and business growth in the North East of England,” added Mr Green. 



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