Why customer engagement is just as important as customer service

Why customer engagement is just as important as customer service

Beckie Andrews is marketing co-ordinator for Wynyard Hall in Cleveland, she explains the value of customer engagement for businesses.

Customer service has been a fundamental pillar of good business for decades, shaping the way businesses interact with consumers. It's still vital. But now businesses are taking the concept to the next level, aiming for customer engagement.

Customer engagement means making sure every single aspect of brand communications is geared towards what customers need, expect and desire. As a result every tiny detail, at every touch point along the sales funnel, makes a positive customer-facing statement that delights people and supports the brand.

Personal interactions are powerful

The ways in which we interact to create customer engagement are highly personal. We must make numerous opportunities to connect with our customers in a way so relevant that it supports lifetime customer loyalty. In short, engagement goes way beyond service to deliver real personalised experiences based on authentic customer relationships.

Digital platforms to track people's behaviour

Not so long ago only the biggest businesses could afford to track customer behaviour and identify what people think. The digital revolution has brought this level of insight to the mainstream, and finding out what customers think is widely affordable.

How does engagement really affect your business?

Engagement drives revenue by helping businesses better understand their customer’s needs. It also reduces churn, improves customer retention, builds brand loyalty and helps to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. It even helps to create advocates, customers who respect and enjoy a brand so much they're happy to spread the word to their networks of friends, family, colleagues and even social media following without being prompted. These are marketing gold dust.

Four ways to make engagement really benefit your business  

  1. You have most likely heard the phrase ‘content is king’. Sharing exclusive content with your customers, content that's genuinely valuable, worth having, can increase customer loyalty. Think about providing tips and advice, case studies, market intelligence, breaking trends, white papers, opinion pieces and more.
  2. Step out of the virtual landscape to boost customer relationships in the real world, for example hosting an exclusive event for your best clients, whether it's a seminar with a visiting speaker, a new product launch, a golf or spa day, or a specially-tailored networking event. Wynyard Hall offers a range of services designed to wow your clients, please speak with an Event Coordinator to discuss your requirements.
  3. Technology helps you stay ahead of the curve. You can establish exactly what your customers like and expect through social media and online surveys. Social media is an immediate and powerful way to communicate one-to-one in real time while also reaching a wider audience on a highly personal basis. 
  4. Data is power (when it is used effectively), and can help you make invaluable improvements to your customer experience. Most digital platforms offer even the most basic reporting, from website analytics to social media engagement. Or, you can work to collate customer feedback offline by gathering your most loyal customers together for a focus group, perhaps over a business lunch, or a sitting of Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea at Wynyard Hall.

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