The #FridaySocial: Secret conversations, supersize GIFs and Pokemon GO

The #FridaySocial: Secret conversations, supersize GIFs and Pokemon GO

Our Friday Social is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter –@Umpf #FridaySocial

Facebook tests end-to-end encrypted Secret Conversations

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Not long after the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp rolled out end-to-end encryption, the social network itself has announced it is testing Secret Conversations - encrypted messaging within Messenger. The conversations can can only be viewed on the devices that initiated them, which means mobile users cannot switch to their laptop to continue the conversation – or vice versa. Unless content is reported, Facebook has no ability to read encrypted messages. Facebook says that Secret Conversations will be stripped of all the flash features Messenger users are accustomed to - there will be no GIFs, stickers or photovideo sharing. 


Vine loses numerous top executives

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In recent weeks and months, most of Vine's top executives have left the company due to a lack of growth, stunning bosses at parent company Twitter.

Over the last few years, 'Viners' have created an extremely diverse range of videos with a huge variety of humorous and cultural themes. Vine has been at the heart of many creative crazes and slang terms, such as 'on fleek' and 'Netflix and chill’. So why the sudden drop in growth?

The likes of Facebook and Instagram have made significant advancements in their video offering, while Vine has remained relatively unchanged and relied on repeat users. What we do know is that Twitter is unlikely to cast aside such a unique and ultimately popular app, with a recent innovation being the introduction of longer from video in the form of #beyondtheVine.


Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokémon GO, a new augmented reality mobile game, has taken the world by storm this week. Even before its official release in the UK yesterday, thousands of users exploited a workaround in the App Store to start playing the game. In the US, it is already the most downloaded mobile game in US history, attracting more daily users than Twitter.

Pokémon GO requires players to walk around with the app open in search of Pokémon characters in the game’s digital world. The app uses augmented reality and the Google Maps API to create a virtual universe filled with creatures to catch. For all children who grew up in the nineties, this game brings a real dose of nostalgia and has gripped adults as much as it has the younger generations.