FarrPoint to boost savings for oil industry

FarrPoint to boost savings for oil industry

Edinburgh-based IT consultancy FarrPoint has partnered with energy company TAQA’s UK business in a three-month analysis project aimed at identifying potential savings for TAQA’s Wide Area Network (WAN).

TAQA currently operates five platforms that produce from 13 oil fields across the Northern North Sea and the Central North Sea.

FarrPoint is an independent consultancy based in Edinburgh advising organisations throughout the UK on IT infrastructure and connectivity.

FarrPoint’s review focused on onshore elements and identified a number of potential options for TAQA to decrease its yearly spend over three years.

Director of FarrPoint, Calum Lamont said: “We looked at options for finding efficiencies within the existing networks as well as redesign to identify the best path forward.

“The oil and gas industry has had a tumultuous few years with many businesses focusing on sustainability.

“We worked with TAQA to observe how their network is utilised and, as a result, identified potential areas where bandwidth could be reduced or different networks implemented, increasing overall efficiency.”



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