Generator invests £1.7m in digital and creative industries

Generator invests £1.7m in digital and creative industries

Newcastle-based creative development agency Generator has launched a £1.7m programme to fuel growth in the region’s creative and digital sector, expected to create at least 75 jobs.

The 30 month Digital Futures programme, which received financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), will assist new and existing businesses within the sector to expand and connect with other likeminded entrepreneurs.

Generator has already helped to create over 200 jobs and safeguard 151 thanks to its last ERDF backed initiative which ended in 2015.

To strengthen the agency's position in the creative and digital industries, Generator also recently acquired Digital Union the North East’s creative and digital networking organisation.

Generator CEO, Jim Mawdsley said: “Generator is extremely excited about the latest ERDF award and the prospect of building upon our huge success in the area of business support.

"Having earned a national reputation for our unique approach to flexible sector specialist business support we will be implementing our techniques and mechanisms sector wide.

“The Digital Futures programme will enable us to help businesses achieve significant growth as well as provide effective interventions at critical points in a business’s life cycle.

“This programme, alongside our acquisition and rebuilding of Digital Union, will help close the productivity gap that exists within the North East and the rest of the country by ensuring growth of businesses within the sector and therefore lead to the creation of jobs in the creative and digital industries.

“We're looking forward to working with our business constituency and partners, including Sunderland Software City and Campus North to achieve this goal.”

Digital Futures has set itself some bold targets and will deliver a minimum of 600 development opportunities to a minimum of 262 businesses.

Alongside the expected 75 jobs created, the programme will also develop 112 new firms helping to set new ambitions and adopt emerging business models. 

“Digital Futures will create the right environment for those individuals and businesses with innovative, profitable ideas so that they can develop, succeed and grow,” added Mawdsley.



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