Northumbria Water teams up with Blyth Tall Ship Project

Northumbria Water teams up with Blyth Tall Ship Project

Northumbrian Water has partnered with the Blyth Tall Ship Project in a sponsorship project set to prepare local young people for employment and boost training opportunities for the unemployed.

The water company’s sponsorship includes £40,000 of financial support, working in partnership with schools and others to develop scientific experiments and support through its employee volunteering programme.

The Blyth Tall Ship Project gives young people, aged between 16 and 28, skills to help them gain employment.

It highlights the engineering and technological potential of the North East and works in partnership with different organisations and educational institutions to develop and conduct scientific experiments.

The project also works with people over 28 who are unemployed, would like to retrain or who volunteer.

Chris Jones, Northumbrian Water’s research and development manager, said: “Being involved in this project is a great example of Northumbrian Water’s commitment to helping local communities, and the region as a whole, grow and thrive.

“Helping young people gain the skills they need to get into work is a big part of this. We work with 9,000 young people every year and this partnership will certainly strengthen our activity in this area.

“Encouraging the next generation to develop skills in engineering is vital for so many businesses, including the water industry.”

The Blyth Tall Ship Project will recreate William Smith’s voyage in 1819. The discoverer, who was born in Seaton Sluice, discovered the Antarctica landmass in a ship built in Blyth.

In 2019, to celebrate the 200th anniversary year of the discovery, a replica ship, the Williams II, which is being refitted in almost the same location that William Smith’s ship was built, will set sail to Antarctica.

“We are very excited about working with schools to develop scientific experiments, which will be carried out on board the Williams II, to investigate water quality and ways to protect the environment.

“This is an incredible opportunity for both us and the schools. Northumbrian Water works hard to protect bathing water quality and a range of partnerships helps us to be more innovative and creative in how we protect the environment.”

Clive Gray, Blyth Tall Ship Project’s chief executive, added: “It is fantastic to have Northumbrian Water’s support as they are a company who really care about the communities they serve and looking after the environment.”



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