The #FridaySocial: Snapchat, Lifestages and Rio 2016

The #FridaySocial: Snapchat, Lifestages and Rio 2016

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Snapchat set to hit 217 million users next year

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Popular social media app Snapchat, is predicted to reach 217 million active users by the end of 2017.

Its current largest user base is aged from 16-25, and will continue to be the largest demographic next year – currently taking up 70% of its user base. However, the report conducted by eMarketer says that group will shrink to 56% to allow for older users to join the social media. Statistics found by ComSore suggest that users over 35 years old are now adopting Snapchat, and this group currently takes up 14% of the user base in America.

Facebook introduces Lifestages app for Teenagers



Facebook has launched an app that is exclusive to 21 year olds and under. Lifestage, is currently available to American iPhone users, and allows its users to make short videos clips about themselves.

The app is built outside of Facebook and has no links to upload content to its parent site yet. Users are encourages to upload visual content to friends in their high school. Facebook has tried to emulate the origins of its first social network, which was first used by Harvard college students.

Lifestage’s app page explains people can “share a visual profile of who you are with your school network. Once your school is unlocked, you can access the profiles of others in your school community so you can get to know people better in your school. Discover others who are into the same stuff you are, and connect with them.”


Twitter and Facebook announce engagement rates during Rio Olympics



With the games in Rio finishing on Sunday, Facebook and Twitter have released data showcasing the conversations generated around the games from the past two weeks.

On Twitter, the 2016 Olympics seen 187 million tweets and generated 75 billion total impressions. This is an increased from the last Olympics in London, which got 150 million tweets.

Facebook on the other hand shared that 277 million users had 1.5 billion interactions around the 2016 Olympics. They didn’t share a direct comparison however, in 2012 Facebook had 116 million posts and comments, which suggest a large increase in engagement.

Additionally, Instagram reportedly saw 916 million interactions from 131 million users about the Rio Olympics.


France bans social media users posting photos of Burkini



French politician has threatened to sue people using social media to share photos of French police enforcing its ban on the burkini. Christian Estrosi a President in an area where the full body swimsuit is banned has said official complaints have been filed about the distribution of photos of French policemen.

The ban has sparked a large debate on social media, with many to point out that the ban is an act of islamophobia, misogyny and an attack on freedom of expression.