North East entrepreneurs are back in business

North East entrepreneurs are back in business

The duo behind, based in Newcastle, are looking to the future with a new business idea, which is currently being trialled with a small number of users. synced tweets to livestream video in real-time, and was popular in the three years that it ran, but has recently closed down due to isssues with funding.

But now the duo behind, Kev Price and Jo York, are making return to entrepreneurship, with an exciting new project which draws on their orginal concept to fill a gap in the market. will work in a similar way, but will focus on on-demand television. It will use mobile phone alerts to allow groups of friends who watch the same TV shows to chat in real time about the programme.

Kev Price told BQ: "The way people watch TV has changed, people now watch on demand using Netflix, for example. So you can't really go on Twitter anymore to talk about what you're watching, because maybe nobody else is watching it at the same time.

" brings back that social interaction. You can watch Netflix and get to a certain part of the programme and you're phone will alert you that your friend has left a message for you at that point."

Kev and Jo are now looking to crowdfund Kev said: "We are going to try and monetise very early and generate revenue without going down the traditional investment route.

"We have rolled this out to a very small number of users just so we can get some feedback and make sure that what we are building is what people actually want.

"So far people love the concept.Alot of the feedback we receive is how easy and user-friendly it is."

The pair hope that their newest project will be ready to launch in the coming months. Kev said: “Launch is difficult to predict as we'll be staging it and rolling out slowly. My guess is that stage we'll be ready for beta testing and launching a crowdfunding campaign around October.

As it is only two of us working on it full time, timelines are tricky. The priority is the quality of the experience rather than shipping it quickly.”


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