Nightlife app roars into the North East

Nightlife app roars into the North East

A young entrepreneur has filled a gap in the market by designing an app that allows users to find bars, clubs and restaurants in any city in the world.

As well as using Google Maps and Foursquare to help users find nearby nightlife, the app also contains safety features to help groups of friends stay safe and together on a night out.

Andrew Bartlett, 19, a former jump jockey from Darlington, created the RoarApp and has already started to roll it out in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Durham and Sunderland, with plans to expand nationwide in 2017 while maintaining its Newcastle headquarters.

RoarApp aims to make nights out safer, and it has a feature that notifies the user immediately if one of their friends has strayed out of the vicinity. It is hoped that this tool could be helpful for situations such as upcoming freshers’ weeks.

Venues are also encouraged to sign up, as the app allows them to send push notifications or offers to users. RoarApp gives venues the advantage of being able to send push notifications to user's phones, that would pop up like a text message, notifying them of any useful offers or news.

RoarApp's founder, Andrew, said: "After working on this app for a year, I'm now very excited to be at the launch stage. The app is useful for any age groups from students to corporate work friends.

How many times have we visited a new city but have no idea which restaurants to eat at or which bars to go to? We've done all the leg work to save users time and money."

Claudia Thompson from Gospelware, who designed the app said: "We've been working on The RoarApp for a year - it's been a fun project to design and build. It's been great working with Andrew and the Roar team on this.

“The concept has the potential to be a real success, and it's awesome that its debut is in Newcastle, the city where it was made. We've definitely got a brilliant nightlife here. It's already looking very popular with ratings, and we're looking forward to it gaining momentum".


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