Northumberland College to open £1.2m training centre

Northumberland College to open £1.2m training centre

Northumberland College will soon open a £1.2m training centre at the Port of Blyth with state-of-the-art workshops and teaching and learning technologies for renewables.

Students who enrol for 2016 start dates will join the first cohort of students in the brand-new hub at the port of Blyth.

The courses on offer are developed in conjunction with the industry and European partners to ensure that students gain necessary experience and qualifications set for a career in the renewables and engineering sector.

Ian Palmer, renewables lecturer for Northumberland College, said: “Our courses in our Renewables Academy consist of practical training produced by the industry for the industry and are designed to equip the future workforce with knowledge for further development of wind power.”

Courses in renewables at Northumberland College include Level 3 BZEE Wind Turbine Technician Studies – a course where 90% of students go on to work in the wind power industry within 12 months.

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Previous students who have benefited from this include 40-year-old James Tomkins, who now works as a Wind Turbine Technician for Granite Services (GE).

After 15 years in the same job, James decided to embark on a career change and enrolled on to the Level 3 BZEE Wind Turbine Technician Studies to advance his skills and knowledge.

James said: “Despite having certain industry knowledge, I had little confidence in being able to secure a job in the wind industry and I felt it was time for me to change to a career that included a mix of physical fitness, problem solving and traveling.”

“The experience and expertise of the staff was both recent and comprehensive, delivering a relevant, specific yet diverse course that suits the entry requirements for the wind industry.”

Ian Palmer said: “These courses in Renewables at Northumberland College can get students to fully qualified wind technician status and straight into employment. James is a great example of this.”


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