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Adoption of technologies key to success

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, forward-thinking organisations from across public and private sectors are exploring the possibilities of digital technology to transform processes, overcome barriers to growth and increase productivity whilst reducing costs.

The potential for technology-enabled problem solving has been recognised as an initiative of national importance, with the UK Government placing heavy emphasis on innovation as foundations for UK competiveness.

This emphasis, plus the emergence of a number of bodies and initiatives dedicated to researching, educating and implementing digital-transformation within public sector organisations and private businesses of all sizes has gained momentum in the last two years, with the North East carving out a niche as a location for data-driven innovation and problem solving.

The region is home to a cluster of technology companies specialising in data visualisation, analysis and development that are increasingly supplying new systems and processes that are transforming public services, facilitating data sharing between organisations and providing insights that drive new commercial products and services.

Yet we need to ensure that the North East remains ahead of the curve in order to continue to be nationally and internationally competitive.

In order to do so, we need to look to and quickly capitalise on the newest developments in technology, and in 2017 that will be the further development of connectivity via 5G networks, data-driven opportunities such as personal data, privacy and Blockchain and the application and adoption of emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and
artificial intelligence.

With the North East second only to London for growth in the number of tech companies at the forefront of digital innovation, as well as organisations such as the Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley educating and facilitating cross-sector collaboration, the region is better placed than most to exploit the benefits of digital problem solving.

The Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley is working with public and private sector organisations of all sizes through the development of business challenges, open innovation initiatives and incubation activities to help identify problems, work through barriers and increase productivity through data-driven solutions. It is also working to help organisations explore emerging and intelligent technologies that have the potential to overcome internal challenges and identify new products and services.

By enabling the adoption and application of these new technologies through facilitating access to academic expertise and opening up supply chains to innovate SMEs, the region’s economy is bolstered and the competitiveness of the North East business community will become internationally recognised as a vanguard for a connected, sustainable and innovative ecosystem.

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