Swift turnaround for Beamish Transport.

Swift turnaround for Beamish Transport.

Transport expert Beamish Transport is reaping the benefits after new logistics software boosted the drive towards efficiency.

IT specialists at Clive Owen Technology Services developed a bespoke package, including a mobile app, to replace Beamish Transport’s labour-intensive office systems. The Chester-le-Street-based firm, which specialises in moving new and used cars, vans, motor homes and mobile caravans throughout the UK, has seen a 12% growth in business with the help of the logistics software.

Called Swift, it has allowed the transport company to handle around 250,000 vehicle movements, a huge increase compared to the old paper-based system. The computer system monitors every aspect of the firm’s 52-strong fleet and its workload, including when vehicles are off the road for servicing.

Operators can track vehicles from collection to their final destination, while drivers are kept abreast of any changes to delivery addresses and can log vehicle conditions, including any possible damage, via the mobile app.

Clive Owen Technology Services is a division of chartered accountants and business advisers Clive Owen, which has offices in Darlington, Durham and York. Clive Owen Technology Services became part of the business in 2008 to meet the logistical needs of modern small and medium-sized enterprises to help speed up their processes.

Director of technology services Lee Huck, who founded the original technical services initiative in 2003, said: “The idea came from a casual conversation, a throwaway line, when Beamish Transport mentioned the challenges of running their business and managing the complexities of their operations manually using a paper based system.

“Swift was the result and now all vehicle movements and invoicing is done on computer saving them hours of time, boosting efficiency and contributing to a 12% growth in business.”

Clive Owen Technology Services software designer Scott Vieira said: “The old system was based on manual, labour-intensive processes involving pieces of paper in pigeonholes and didn’t take account of sickness, holidays or whether a vehicle was off the road. Invoicing could take two staff, two days a week.

“Now every element of the process is recorded on the computer system, drivers are sent the collection and delivery information via the mobile app and billing and administration time is reduced to minutes. All accounts are archived and can be accessed immediately with a name or a vehicle registration number. For the driver the process is paperless and much more efficient.”

Beamish Transport managing director Darrin Pickering said: “To grow the company steadily we need systems in place to enable us to be cost effective, remain competitive and offer the best possible service to our customers.

“We are delighted with Swift and will continue to develop our systems with Clive Owen Technology Services. We see our partnership with Clive Owen Technology Services as an integral part of our longer term growth strategy.”

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