News from the Ignite Family

News from the Ignite Family

With over 100 companies in the Ignite portfolio, and a network covering most of the UK's top VCs and Angels, Tristan Watson rounds up the latest news from the Ignite family.

Manchester graduates: More than 100 people came to the Ignite programme showcase in Manchester, seeing what the firms have produced in their time there. Missed it? Catch up here:

Sliips had their work on the gender pay gap featured in the Huffington Post. The article highlights the issues that unfortunately are still too common in our industry: The Gender Pay Gap Problem: Why We All Need to Stand Together

Neil Cocker (founder of wrote a great post on how to handle managing people in a startup. Realising that being a good manager would take some work, Neil suggests some tools we can all use to improve in: 6 Ways to be a better Startup boss.

Dubble are back with Version 2.0. Techcrunch did a great write up about the journey Adam and the crew have been on in: Dubble are back from the dead.

Amaliah continue to attract plenty of well-deserved attention in CNN: Modest Fashion Startup is giving women more than clothes 

WeGym are answering the question we all face: How do I workout if I don't have any time? Josh makes some easy to implement suggestions in his blog post.

Flyt want to change the way the helicopter industry works. Andy looks at how Ignite has helped him on this journey in this look back at the last 12 weeks: #Ignite11. You can also hear more about what Flyt are up to in this podcast Andy recorded with Mcr.Live: Startups of MCR

Websand continue to push for better standards in digital marketing. They're now partnering with Northumbria University to deliver a postgrad designed to do just that.  

Story Models are bringing innovation to a very traditional industry. Startacus interviews founders Greg & Zoe to dig into how they're approaching it.