KF Training

Bespoke solutions for Bradbury Group

KF Training has made a real difference to the working culture at one satisfied nationwide customer, demonstrating the value that upskilling a workforce can have.

One KF Training client is Bradbury Group, the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel doors, security grilles and cages. The 25-year-old Scunthorpe based company, which also has a production site in Ayr, in Scotland, has 190 employees. It supplies sole traders and major multinationals and it has sold its products as far afield as Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea.

The business, which will be a levy payer from April 2017, engaged KF Training in 2016 to come up with training solutions to challenge and support a cultural shift in the company.

Operations director Patsy Payling explains: “In the past we trained our people on how to do their job but we never developed that to improve the company. We had some retention issues and we wanted to improve engagement. We surveyed the staff and found they wanted more of a say and input into the business but to do that they needed to know how.’’

KF Training came up with a bespoke whole company training solution to drive forward cultural change and innovation at all levels within Bradbury.

“We liked the fact it was bespoke,’ says Patsy. “Instead of saying, 'This is what we are going to do’, they asked us what we needed and we explained to them our vision, what we wanted to do and where we wanted the company to be. And they came up with a work improvement programme.’’

The programme took people from different departments, giving them projects to work on around real issues in the company, imparting transferable skills. Also 30 team leaders and potential team leaders have been put on a leadership and management course and another five on a level 5 course and 26 doing a work improvement course.

Already the results are apparent. “It has gone really well,’’ says Patsy. “You can see even subtle changes in people on the training, they have more confidence and a more rounded understanding of how they fit into the company and how that affects other parts. Now we have people coming to us and asking to be on the next course.’’

Managing director Tim Strawson says: “I would just like to add I was delighted with the results and the massive enthusiasm that the group showed. It was brilliant to see it.’’

Following this feedback and the enthusiasm of the workforce, another two teams have been chosen for the next round of courses. “We’d like everybody to do the work improvement course to give them skills that we can use,’’ adds Patsy.

And what are KF Training like to work with? “Really helpful. They are really friendly and now they are just part of the team.’’