Jennifer Gane and John Wiseman of STCS Ltd

Jennifer Gane and John Wiseman of STCS Ltd

Degree apprenticeships offering 'the best of both worlds'

Northumbria was one of the first UK universities to offer degree apprenticeships, launching its first undergraduate degree apprenticeship programme in Digital and Technology Solutions in September 2015.

Among the 18 students to enrol that year was Jennifer Gane, who works for website and software development company STCS Ltd as a junior software developer while carrying out her studies at Northumbria.

Jennifer said: “For me, degree apprenticeships offer the best of both worlds – you can gain a degree level qualification while at the same time earning money and gaining real-life experience within the industry you are studying.

"Degree apprenticeships are as academically challenging and rigorous as a traditional degree, perhaps even more so in some ways because you are working at the same time. But the big benefit is that when you graduate you already have a job within your chosen field.”

John Wiseman, director of STCS Ltd said: “The Degree Apprenticeship scheme at Northumbria University has changed the way we think about finding and developing talent.

"So far, we have three degree apprentices in the scheme at Northumbria and I have every intention of continuing to employ apprentices for this scheme alongside our more traditional graduate route.”