Mark Atkinson and Ross Wilkinson of HMRC

Mark Atkinson and Ross Wilkinson of HMRC

Updating skills with degree apprenticeships at H.M. Revenue & Customs

Student Ross Wilkinson has recently completed his first year of a degree apprenticeship at Northumbria University studying BSc Digital and Technology Solutions and has found the programme has opened some new opportunities.

The 27-year-old HM Revenue & Customs employee said: “The programme allows me to study a degree while in full-time employment, giving me the opportunity to implement new skills as I learn them.

"It has allowed me to improve and refine those skills, using industry best practice. The programming module has been challenging and is taught by someone who is passionate about programming, making this module the most fun.”

Mark Atkinson, person tax and test design and development lead at HM Revenue & Customs, added: ‘‘Ross has embraced this fantastic opportunity and has had a very successful first year of the programme.

"He is learning new and modern technologies and skills, which he is bringing back into Chief Digital and Information Office (CDIO), helping us to develop our digital capability and wider transformation vision. The partnership with Northumbria University and the local links with HMRC are developing the regional excellence and professionalism that we are committed towards.’