Looking forward to investment in Newcastle

Looking forward to investment in Newcastle

The world is changing at a rapid pace, but the investment specialists at Rathbones Newcastle believe careful management today and a positive approach to tomorrow are the fundamentals to a sound strategy. James Kyle explains more.

‘Wealth preservation’. A term you will often hear mentioned in financial services and investment circles. But what does it mean for you – and where in the North East can you turn for expert support in accessing its benefits?

One place you could begin is the Rathbones office in Newcastle.

"Wealth preservation is the main role we perform for our clients in Newcastle,” explains James Kyle, Investment Director. “Those clients may be individuals, families, Trusts, charities or pension funds, but all have one thing in common: the capital they own has been hard earned and, quite understandably, their first priority is that its value should not be eroded.

“Equally, where clients require a current income to meet immediate needs or to grow for the future, the funds demand constant attention and careful stewardship.

A balanced team and seamless service

“The stewardship at Rathbones Newcastle is provided by a highly professional, integrated team. Our office was established four years ago with a nucleus of eight people and has since grown to thirteen, with others due to join later in the year.

“Balance is undeniably a major strength of the team. We are made up of several investment professionals with many years of experience gained at well-known domestic and international investment houses, working alongside financial planners where family money is concerned. To make things completely seamless for our clients, we can provide financial planning services if needed, as the team has locally based chartered financial planners and IFAs in the region who trust the Rathbones approach and work alongside us to deliver excellence to clients.

“Whilst the Newcastle office is growing, we haven’t lost our single minded focus on the aspirations and objectives of our clients. With interest rates remaining at all-time low levels, and inflation on the rise, simply remaining invested in cash guarantees that an investor’s wealth will lose value in real terms. The investment proposition to counter this is sometimes complex.

“The Rathbones Newcastle office can, however, call upon the whole Rathbones network of thirteen fellow offices based around the UK, over 200 years of heritage, and our highly skilled and industry-recognised research team, to provide support and guidance in selecting the appropriate tailored solution for each client.

A more individual approach

“Today, many in the investment industry rely on inflexible and one-size-fits-all investment portfolios, created by researchers who never have and never will meet the clients they are creating them for.

“Rathbones is different. Not only are we independent, but we also see each and every client as the unique individuals they are. And because we don’t use intermediary relationship managers, our clients have direct access to the person responsible for managing their investments.

“This personalised approach begins with truly understanding our clients’ specific circumstances, what’s important to them and what they want their money to achieve. From there, our investment professionals on the ground in Newcastle have the discretion to create portfolios tailored precisely to their clients’ personal requirements and needs.

The perfect blend of size and agility

“To continue to preserve wealth in the future means being able to find new investment opportunities in developing technologies, sectors and newer global markets.

“It sounds straightforward enough, but sometimes the size of a wealth management company can hinder their ability to do this for their clients. Choose an investment organisation too small, and the research team may be restricted in its ability to seek new investment ideas. Choose an investment company too large and clients may have limited access to rapidly emerging opportunities, due to the typical delays and cumbersome policies and processes they operate under.

“Rathbones is able to avoid both these problems. As one of the UK’s largest independent investment managers, we have the scale to both research and access new areas of investment.

“Then, where appropriate, we are sufficiently agile to allow a client to access potential new fields of interest as and when is best for maximising investment returns.

“In other words, as the world rapidly changes and disruptions in technology create increasing future opportunities, we have the capacity, expertise and flexibility to help our investment clients chart the course their way for success.

“Over the coming weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Rathbones uniquely forward-looking perspective, as we announce a major event focused on how to approach investing in the future – we will be releasing details on this via several media outlets.

“Since we arrived in the North East four years ago, many clients have benefited from the Rathbones approach. Now, as the office begins its next exciting stage of development, we would be delighted to help you enjoy those same benefits.”

For more detail about what we do and the upcoming events we have planned, please contact James Kyle on 0191 255 1440.