What not to miss at Newcastle Startup Week

Paul Lancaster

What not to miss at Newcastle Startup Week

With a jam-packed schedule taking place across the city, we've taken our pick of the activities that you really can't afford to miss...

Newcastle Startup Week is upon us, with events happening across Newcastle from Monday 15th May. The brainchild of Paul Lancaster, here's our pick of some of the highlights you're really not going to want to miss.

Monday 15th May - Inspiration @ Boiler Shop

Brad Burton is a motivational speaker, and an excellent choice for the first day of this event. Also an author and coach, Brad is high energy and has a great way of engaging and energising audiences. If you're lacking confidence in your ability to be an entrepreneur, Brad is definitely the man for you!

The fireside chat with Ami Davies (CEO, My Little Explorer), Paul Irwin (Creator & Director, TryLife) & Zoe Farrington (Co-founder & CEO, RealRider) hosted by Sunderland Software City's Billy Webber, tells the story of the three firms who reached the finals of Pitch@Palace this year, their trip to St James' Palace, and the opportunities that have followed.

Tuesday 16th May - Getting Started

An Introduction to Lean Startup Principles by Justin Souter promises the kind of practical, logical advice that you need to really get going. A highly experienced consultant, he'll talk about making innovation a straightforward process and making decisions as you go.

And join Lucy Hatt from Newcastle Business School for her talk entitled 'How do entrepreneurs think?'. As the leader of the Entrepreneurial Business Management programme, Lucy works with students who learn the ropes by starting and managing their own businesses, and she'll be sharing some research results.

Wednesday 17th May - Funding & Finance

A strong day of speakers, but arguably the panels on Crowdfunding and Venture Capital will offer brilliant insight into the pros and cons of each of these models of funding a business - and they're not mutually exclusive, either.

Thursday 18th May - Growing and Scaling

Business Psychologist Skye Trubov has an interesting background, with years of international work experience in a variety of industries, primarily driving growth. Skye is enthusiastic and passionate about empowering others to get the most out of what they do; improve employee work experiences so that they can better enjoy life experiences.

Tony Robinson OBE brings his one-man show ‘Why ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ is best for business?’ to the Live Theatre in Newcastle, and is categorically not to be missed. Just come along with an open mind, and listen.

Friday 19th May - Keep Going or Pivot?

Set in the Cobalt Business Park, Utilitywise are the UK's largest Business Energy Consultancy, and the keynote from their CEO Brendan Flattery is sure to address how they progressed to a point where they could make that claim.

And the Entrepreneurial Spark startup trade show will let you meet people who are already out there, and doing it, as part of one of the UK's biggest accelerator programmes.

See the full schedule available here - and make sure you don't miss out!