Komatsu helps save the earth - while digging it up!

Komatsu helps save the earth - while digging it up!

Two of the most environmentally-friendly and intelligent new machines are launched, as Birtley company reaches its 30th year.

Birtley based Komatsu UK is used to moving the earth for its customers, but now it is helping to save it.

The company, marking its 30th anniversary this year by recruiting 40 new employees, has just taken the wraps off two of its most environmentally-friendly and intelligent new machines.

The HB365-3 diesel/electric hybrid and the PC210LCi-11 excavator are the latest in Komatsu’s Machine Control range.

The HB365-3 hugely reduces a normal excavator’s carbon footprint and fuel usage, and is 50% quieter than its rivals, a huge plus when working near homes and offices.

Paul Dickinson, Product Manager for Hydraulic Excavators at Komatsu said: “It is without doubt the best hybrid we’ve ever produced. The noise level has been reduced by 50%, it has lower emissions than much smaller excavators, and it boasts a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and 15% increase in productivity. It has been a long process, but we are all very excited to be producing this incredible machine at Birtley.”

The PC210LCi-11 – the latest in Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control range - allows instructions to be sent to the driver, and machine status information to be received, from anywhere in Europe.

Mal McCoy, Product Manager at Komatsu said: “The intelligent machines represent a real step forward for the construction industry. The technology that we are developing is incredible.”

Komatsu helped redefine modern manufacturing in the North East when it set up in 1987, establishing a range of Japanese practices and ways of working unheard of in most UK plants. The firm now employs more than 400 people, with 12 percent of the company’s current employees also celebrating their 30th year of service.