These Girls Can Run

If We Can You Can: These Girls Can Run

After struggling to get fit herself, Kim Scott set up These Girls Can Run to inspire other women to get fit without the fear of being judged. Now after growing its presence online and with an app in the pipeline, These Girls Can Run has entered the If We Can You Can competition.

Sell your business to us:

13 million women in the UK want to be more active, 6 million of those women aren't currently active at all. Why not? I can tell you because I've been there. 5 stone overweight and unfit I knew I needed to exercise but fear of judgement stopped me. I taught myself to run alone and in the dark and I don't want other women to feel like they have to do the same.

Our award winning run groups are different to traditional running clubs with sessions carefully planned so no one gets left behind. We're about positivity not pace, we're a tribe.

We have a strong trademarked brand with 11 groups in the North East and more planned. With a Facebook community of almost 5000 women, we have a ready market for our clothing, merchandise and online running programmes.

We want to inspire and empower women everywhere and show them that running isn't just for the "sporty". With a little self belief and determination we show ladies just what they can achieve.

With a mens group recently launched and an App planned there is huge potential for growth and we are in the process of reviewing our revenue model to allow that further growth.

What plans do you have to grow your business? 

We currently plan to expand further across the North East and beyond and we have been collating postcodes from potential customers via our website to highlight where there is further demand for groups like ours. Our vision is that men and women everywhere should be able to access our amazing community.

We also aim to grow the business through working with partners such as GPs, County Sports Partnerships and organisations where health and wellness is a priority.

We are also at the early stages of research with regards to an App for our customers as well as expanding our clothing and merchandise range.

Does your business have a positive social impact? If yes, please explain how:

Testimonials and feedback from our customers shows that for most These Girls Can Run is more than just a running group, its a lifeline. With stories of domestic abuse, chronic illness, mental health issues and more our sessions offer ladies some "me" time, support and friendship. Many of our ladies still hold onto some awful memories of PE at school, body confidence issues and a lack of self belief but through the positivity of our groups they are learning once more to believe in themselves whilst all getting fitter and all of the benefits that brings.