How do I prepare my graduates for the world of digital?

How do I prepare my graduates for the world of digital?

Graduating from education does not necessarily mean you have all of the skills that employers need. So how can you bridge that gap? Generator's Jim Mawdsley explains.

At Generator, we understood that we needed to diversify as an organisation and also help develop and drive commercial creative digital industries of the North East including music, digital interactive media , film, photography and design.

Lots of businesses have come to us in recent times, both big and small, asking us to help them bridge a digital skills gap that is common with their new graduates and new starters. 

In the modern world, businesses need their staff to be able to handle things like project management and need the tools and techniques frequently used in digital businesses, such as SWOT, and building a staff member's communication skills and confidence so they can deal with clients.

They should be able to write proper proposals and use social media to raise their company's profile in a language their audience can connect with.

Project briefs, for example, need to have clear Project goals, an intended process or methodology, and expectations on deliverables.

And behind every exceptional social media campaign is a great strategy.

Social media is all about connecting with your audience on an authentic level. To do that, you have to intimately understand your current and potential customers.

People need to start by defining their audience. Distinguish individual character profiles by age, gender, interests, profession. Don’t just say it out loud. Write down the details and find images that represent your target audience!

That's why Generator have decided to launch our new Digital Bootcamp programme starting on Wednesday 13 September to answer this question fully and give people the support they need.

Since taking the reigns of Digital Union, we have been constantly informed that the biggest area the education system falls down on is preparing students and graduates for the world of work.

We all know that they way tech companies and creative agencies work is very different from normal businesses so we have designed the Digital Boot Camp to ensure businesses have an opportunity for their new recruits to engage in a crash course in how to work in tech.

On our new programme, we will deliver valuable agency and project development experience for a company's new starters and will be delivered as part of the programme by some of the region's shining digital lights with Generator partners such as Sage UK, Daykin & Story, hedgehog lab, Orange Bus and Gospelware all confirmed to take part.

The Bootcamp will be intertwined with soft skills workshops and networking events and will take place one day per week over 8 weeks with the goal of getting a company's new starters up to scratch and up to speed in a fast paced digital environment.

The Digital Bootcamp will be run on a day release format, coming soon to various locations around the city, including 3 full days on site at Generator's agency partner's offices.

To get involved and register your interest, email to get involved or call us on 0191 2554469.