Tyneside tech firms come together to develop environmental device

Tyneside tech firms come together to develop environmental device

Two Newcastle tech businesses have joined forces to develop a specialist system that could transform how the construction and demolition industry monitors air quality.

Industrial electronic product experts Photon Fire and software development company Cloud Data Service are working together on IRIS, a device which allows construction workers to assess asbestos levels safely and remotely.

Inspired by market demand and Photon Fire's relationship with the North East based SMH Products, which specialises in decontamination solutions, IRIS' hardware is now undergoing live tests.

Cloud Data service director, Thomas Lloyd, said: “Dust and dangerous particles generated during construction or materials processing can be harmful when inhaled without the use of the appropriate protective equipment.

“Our client SMH Products wanted an automatic air sampling system that provided immediate feedback to the workers and management that harmful dust is present, providing faster warnings and safer working environment.

“There is a clear need for remote monitoring and to provide the workers, managers, and regulators with the confidence that all work is being undertaken safely.

“The statutory ‘traditional’ method will still be used but this system provides immediate results and we hope will in-time replace the traditional test. Our system makes this monitoring incredibly simple, saving an enormous amount of time and cost, improving safety for those involved.”

Cloud and Photon's new system allows the air quality of multiple sites to be monitored in a simple, easy to use, dashboard format accessed using a standard web browser.

The data-owner can see the status of all operations from across the globe to make informed decisions and fulfill their health and safety obligations.

Bill Shepherd, managing director of Photon Fire, adds: “Both businesses are located in The Core at Science Central in Newcastle, and that's the reason we have come together to collaborate.

“Co-location makes joint working so much easier, folks from different disciplines clustering like this creates a whole range of different opportunities.”

“Our joint development is now complete and is ready for sale. Our two companies are very keen to be able to develop more IoT applications for other clients using the strengths of the two synergistic businesses to provide a complete picture for management to review health and safety, environmental or manufacturing process information.”