North East Hotel undergoes £250K refurbishment

North East Hotel undergoes £250K refurbishment

Matfen Hall hotel, golf and spa in Northumberland has announced a £250,000 refurbishment of its wedding spaces to encourage more couples to choose the venue.

The significant investment will transform the rooms in the east wing including the great hall, terrace room and Sir Edward’s bar, to highlight the original features of this historic venue.

Maften Hall have employed North East interior designers and architects, Space ID, to manage the project due to their shared aesthetic vision and proven track record with other leading UK hotels.

The new designs couple the impressive, historic features of the hotel with luxurious, modern features to create a romantic and sumptuous atmosphere.

Bernard Bloodworth, managing director of Matfen Hall, said: “We are very excited to announce the upcoming refurbishment of our East Wing.

“We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the hotel industry and recognised that some of our public areas needed updating to make the most of the wonderful original features of the hotel. 

“We have decided to make a huge investment to modernise these spaces while retaining the historic features of the hotel, to appeal to more couples and create the unique and impressive feel that you would expect on your special day.”

Marc Hardy, project manager at Space ID, said: “This is a truly sensational opportunity. It’s very rare, with all the years of working on various listed buildings and interiors, that an interior designer can walk into a space and their jaw drops. This happens every time I enter the Great Hall. The space is magical already and is quite a task to make it any better!

“We have worked closely with both the amazing team at Matfen and Sir Hugh and Lady Blackett, to create not just a ‘pretty’ interior, but an experience. From the arrival through the arched garden entrance lobby, with cascading globes of light intertwined with trailing vines and wisteria to the tweaked and modernized space that is the Great Hall, a unique space that is original and steeped in history, not a pastiche design set.

“The design team and I at Space ID have continued to the surprises and jaw dropping moments with a touch of the modern. A slick contemporary cocktail lounge leads from the Great Hall to the truly magnificent terrace room with the backdrop of the Matfen grounds through the windows. A subtle mix of luxury with crystal cut mirror flanked with neutral pastel shades.”