Lindisfarne Festival closes in on Crowdfunder World Record

Lindisfarne Festival closes in on Crowdfunder World Record

Lindisfarne Festival’s future is looking bright as it closes in on its £70k crowdfunding target as well as a Crowdfunder world record.

With its ‘all or nothing’ crowdfunding campaign drawing to a close next week, the festival has revealed the first wave of acts it has lined up for the 3-day event, which hopes to return to the Northumberland coast from 30th August – 2nd September 2018.

Despite a successful 2017 event, which saw a 38% increase in attendees, organisers firmly stated that the festival would only be guaranteed to return for its 4th consecutive year if they could obtain a minimum of £70k funding via Crowdfunder, to help cover some of the upfront costs for the 2018 event.

The 6-week Crowdfunder campaign, which ends at 7pm on 31st October, offers funders discounted tickets in return for their contribution.

Conleth Maenpaa, founder of Lindisfarne Festival said: “With only a few days until our Crowdfunder deadline, this really is make or break for the festival. As a largely self-funded event, we set the crowdfunding campaign up this year to ensure we have the funds to cover some of the expenses for the 2018 festival, as we cannot shoulder the financial burden alone anymore. There comes a point when we have to lay it on the table and ask for support to make sure the show can go on. We wanted to be as transparent as possible and allow the public to see what is required in order for the festival to go again.

“If we can hit £70k by Tuesday, not only will Lindisfarne Festival 2018 be full speed ahead – we’ll also break a Crowdfunder record, officially making us the most successfully crowdfunded funded festival!”

Conleth contined: “With exciting plans already formulating and new partnerships in the pipeline, we are raring to go. We’ve already got some brilliant acts provisionally lined up and taking on board all of our festivalgoers suggestions we’ve got a load more ready on speed dial!

“It’s been wonderful to see so many people rallying behind us and pledging to buy their tickets early so that the festival can continue. We’re so close making it happen, we just need a few more ticket sales and sponsorship pledges to enable us to continue to develop an amazing, nationally acclaimed festival that the North East really deserves.”

Lindisfarne Festival has been running for the last three years, offering a weekend of music, arts and entertainment.