North East jewellery designer sees success overseas

Kellie Daniels

North East jewellery designer sees success overseas

A line of handmade jewellery created by a North East designer is seeing strong demand after launching in the USA.

SALOME is a range of bespoke jewellery founded by Tyneside-based, American designer, Kellie Daniels, in 2015 and featuring precious gems and crystals.

Following its Newcastle launch, the brand – which is stocked at The Biscuit Factory -  was quickly snapped up by Edinburgh's high end COVET store and Wolf & Badger, in London’s prestigious Mayfair.

After high demand in its UK store, the line is now stocked in Wolf & Badger’s New York store and in Hemline in New Orleans.

Kellie Daniels said: “Obviously I knew from the success of the collections in Britain that there was a strong and growing market for my jewellery, but even I had no idea it would catch on as quickly in the US as it has.

“Within two weeks of going on sale, I had repeat orders from both shops and as a result I am working around the clock to meet demand.”

The collections – crafted with stones sourced from as far afield as California and the South Pacific – are designed to reflect the beauty of the natural world and, because of variations within the stones themselves, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Henrique Pinto, manager of the Wolf & Badger store at Grand Street, New York, NY, said: “The collections have been incredibly popular and the customers love them as much as we do.

“SALOME's Tribal Collection – featuring stones such as jasper, sapphire, aquamarine and labradorite - has received the most attention from customers, who truly appreciate the wide range and variations in style.”