Teesside training provider spearheads scale-up revolution

Phil Teasdale

Teesside training provider spearheads scale-up revolution

A training provider in the North East is hoping to spark business growth in the region after developing a course inspired by the world’s number one college for entrepreneurship.

The programme, Cahoots, will offer UK organisations the chance to learn international growth strategies, and will be delivered by Middlesbrough’s Enterprise Made Simple.

Enterprise Made Simple’s chief executive, Phil Teasdale, recently returned from Babson University in Boston, which is internationally recognised as the place to study entrepreneurship.

Following his visit, Phil, who is also Durham University’s business advisor in residence, devised Cahoots, a practical business course to help organisations grow in the way that is right for them. He explained: “I was one of 64 delegates from 19 countries at the Symposium of Enterprise Educators.

“The symposium was transformational for me personally, but also for Enterprise Made Simple, as the creation of Cahoots sprang directly from it. The programme is for owner managers and is all about investing in yourself to have a dramatically positive impact on your business.”

Phil, who set up his first company at the age of 22, is confident that participants in the programme will achieve 20% growth in their businesses within 12 months of completing Cahoots.

He said: “The course is completely shaped around you. After a taster day, you’ll enjoy a bespoke programme shaped to each entrepreneur. Attendees will pick and choose the elements that are right for them, and places are limited to 10 people, to ensure the quality of support.

“Not only will Cahoots bring materials devised from research and practice from the world centre for entrepreneurship to the North East, but these international strategies for business growth are coming to the UK for the first time, helping local organisations anticipate challenges, acquire and retain loyal customers, and develop a personalised scale-up solution.”