Lake District China Forum seeks to extend membership

Lake District China Forum seeks to extend membership

A group of ten Lake District businesses which have been working together to attract more Chinese visitors is seeking to extend its membership across Cumbria.

The English Lake District China Forum is looking to add at least another five Cumbrian businesses to its membership.  It wants to include more organisations from across the Lake District National Park and the county as a whole to achieve greater geographical balance and representation.

The number of Chinese visitors to the UK is expected to treble by 2020.  The aim of the forum is to use collective tourism industry expertise to raise awareness of the English Lake District and Cumbria and how it can best serve the Chinese market, including joint work to offer more creative itineraries for Chinese travellers.

Through working with the forum, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership has, over the last two years, invested £30,000 in total with Marketing Manchester to enable the Lake District to become a ‘Destination Partner’ in recent promotional campaigns targeted at China.

Since 2015, the forum has organised events in the UK and China to maintain direct contact and build relationships with influential Chinese market tour operators and decision-makers.  This has included trade missions to cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

English Lake District China Forum chair Jennifer Cormack from Windermere Lake Cruises, said: “The number of Chinese visitors to the Lake District continues to rise.

“Our work is aimed specifically at enhancing the exposure of the Lake District and now other areas of Cumbria in Chinese tourism markets.

“We have had more of a focus on Windermere and surrounding areas since inception, so we would really like to see greater representation from more areas to underline the Lake District National Park’s importance as a must-visit destination for Chinese tourists to the UK.”

The English Lake District China Forum’s marketing director, Colin Fox, from English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues, adds:“The success we’ve had in elevating the English Lake District’s exposure in China and within the UK’s Chinese community since we all started working together has encouraged us to seek a wider membership base.

“Since 2015, our own Lake District venues have hosted double the number of Chinese guests, so we know that we are increasing revenue year on year from Chinese visitors.

“The Chinese tourism market is a huge opportunity, and we would like to see more businesses involved from all over the region to strengthen our collective marketing efforts and create a bigger, more influential organisation which focuses strongly on China’s cultural and tourism needs so we can compete with any other destination in the UK and beyond.”