Sam Bentham

Former Geordie Shore star turned entrepreneur Sam Bentham

Geordie Shore star turns entrepreneur

A former Geordie Shore star is now celebrating a different kind of success after opening his own barbershop in Newcastle.

Sam Bentham opened his shop after leaving the hit reality TV show last year and used his massive social media following to make his latest venture an overnight success.

“I left Geordie Shore sooner than expected but only ever had one goal for when I came out and that was to open my very own barbershop,” he said.

“I found an amazing space at Hoults Yard and have never stopped since we opened the doors six months ago. The salon is always buzzing with young people and we get loads of school kids coming in too.

“I was already pretty well connected in Newcastle before going on Geordie Shore but being on the programme raised my profile massively in a short time. I’ve used that and my 75,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook to kickstart my business.

“I think I made a good impression on Geordie Shore and people took to me so that helped. It was a great experience but if nothing else it taught me the power of social media and how to use it for my business.

“People want to see the real person behind the business and what makes them tick, so I think carefully about what I put on my Instagram pages.

“My Instagram posts are very fashion led because I know the people who come in my barbershop are also interested in fashion and style generally and this helps build the following too.

“It wasn’t just finding the perfect location and social media that helped me in the beginning though.

“My dad was in the Navy for years so I applied to X Forces for start-up funding and advice and they backed me, which made a big difference.

“They help lots of people with links to the Armed Forces to make their business ideas come to life.

“In the next couple of years, I plan to focus on making Bentham’s Barbershop a big success but in the future, I’d also really like to get involved in education, and hope my job gives me an opportunity to travel more.”

Bentham’s Barbershop is located in Hoults Yard, the bustling business village on Walker Road in Newcastle.