Access funding to develop your workforce with the MBA degree apprenticeship from Teesside University Business School

Access funding to develop your workforce with the MBA degree apprenticeship from Teesside University Business School

Develop specialist expertise and high level skills to ensure your business is at the forefront in your markets – locally, nationally and internationally.

There is an ever-increasing demand for business leaders with the requisite skills, understanding and acumen to tackle the difficult demands facing organisations of all sizes. During 2018, Teesside University Business School will be at the forefront of efforts to build skills and knowledge in our region.

MBA degree apprenticeship
The MBA degree apprenticeship is one of Teesside University Business School’s flagship programmes. It is aimed at leaders with experience in management and the workplace who appreciate that, to lead teams and stay ahead in our turbulent fast-paced global economy, they need new tools and skills.

The programme provides a fantastic platform for aspirational senior managers to challenge themselves and drive innovative entrepreneurial leadership thinking and practice back into their respective organisations at a strategic level.

Craig Peterson, co-founder and chief operating officer at Growth Capital Ventures and graduate of the Teesside University Business School MBA programm, says: ‘The MBA at Teesside University has been transformational for me. As a business owner, I wanted to learn new skills to embed an entrepreneurial culture throughout our business to encourage innovation and growth. The syllabus was well suited to leaders of ambitious growth-focused businesses. I’ve developed new skills that have been instrumental in driving our business forward including launching new products and entering new markets. Studying with fellow business leaders was fantastic. The opportunity to meet some brilliant people and share ideas, experience and valuable business knowledge added to the overall experience”.

The MBA programme has been designed to be flexible in relation to its delivery, to cater for a diverse range of learners, from a variety of professional backgrounds, and places a large emphasis on the application of knowledge in the organisational setting.

Students develop their personal, professional, critical thinking and reflective skills to prepare them to manage, lead and transform organisations – and make a positive difference to society more generally.

Study is structured around up to eight days per year of face-to-face group learning, as part of the two-year part-time programme. Experiential learning takes place through facilitated workshops and action learning sets; with further study supported by a shared knowledge platform that facilitates a blended learning approach to fit with busy work and life schedules.

Apprenticeship funding
Apprenticeship levy-paying employers (those with pay bills over £3m) pay for apprenticeship training from their online levy accounts via the government’s apprenticeship service. They will also receive a 10% government top-up to their online accounts. Non-levy payers pay only 10% of the cost of apprenticeship training, with the remaining 90% being paid by the government.


Find out more about the funding opportunities available to all businesses for the MBA Degree Apprenticeship:
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