Garry Sheriff with co-founder and Finance Director Michael Jopling.

Garry Sheriff with co-founder and Finance Director Michael Jopling.

Partnerships drive business growth

Garry Sheriff, managing director of IT managed solutions and services specialist ITPS, highlights how strong supply chain partnerships are crucial to commercial success.

As a business with 18 years of steady growth behind us, we know that rather than simply making sales, the real key to success lies in building strong partnerships.

Nurturing client partnerships is one of our key strengths, but good relationships with high-calibre partners are equally vital in supporting our own business and those of our clients.

For example we hold strategic partner status with Virgin Media Business (VMB), a level only available to a select few within the UK, and an award that is measured on customer feedback, technical expertise, volume of business and the ability to support VMB’s product range at the highest level.

We have invested over £1.2m in a peer-to-peer, high-speed, large-capacity communications and infrastructure at our ISO27001 Tier 3 North East of England data centres. While we deal with other carriers, we partner and lead with VMB for its ability to deliver 21st century fibre network solutions. It guarantees our customers reliable, scalable connectivity with reduced latency, faster access, and no other unknown parties involved in their connectivity solutions.

As one of the UK’s acknowledged IT connectivity experts, we are one of only a few suppliers currently permitted to sell connectivity and services such as unified communications, security and cloud services for the new health and social care network (HSCN). This will replace the N3 network, which is one of Europe’s largest virtual private networks and connects 1.3 million NHS staff.

HSCN is a vital element in the digital transformation of NHS services and the demonstrable qualifying criteria is extremely stringent. It will connect health and social care organisations, delivering reliability, efficiency and cost-effective connectivity, and giving them the freedom to choose network services to suit their needs.

Our commitment is to help all our clients find the right solution, one that will reduce costs and negate risk, increase service levels and improve availability, security and efficiency. The VMB partnership means we can give clients access to discounts, a portfolio of 60 VMB products, and a level of VMB extended support not open to others.

The combination of investment in HSCN and our strong VMB partnership delivers immense benefits to our clients, and leverages new opportunities with those who can see the benefit of a partnership approach.

The power of forging strong partnerships throughout the supply chain cannot be underestimated. Not only does it deliver results, it turns clients into ambassadors and has an impact where every business wants to see it – on the bottom line.

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