White lightning

White lightning

The BMW M3 convertible is a four-seater geared towards motoring in all four seasons. And, says Neal Holloway, it’s also got jaw-dropping looks and steam aplenty.

ne10 main2When I was asked if I’d like to do a car review for BQ magazine, being a bit of a petrol head, I of course agreed straight away and my mind started racing as to what the car could possibly be. I wasn’t disappointed when the car turned out to be the new BMW M3 convertible.

I showed my son (George, aged 7) online what I would be driving and his comment was that it must be really fast - after all, it’s got four steams (his word for the exhaust pipes). Well George, I’m pleased to report that it is really fast and the sound it makes is fantastic (but more on that later).

The M3 was dropped off at the hotel and first impression was that it’s a staggeringly pretty but aggressive car to look at with the big power bulge and air vents in the bonnet, chrome detailing and the flared wheel arches housing some beautiful 19”alloys and low profile tyres. And, finished in Mineral White metallic paint, the car also looked stunning. I already drive a 3 series diesel BMW and the difference when they were parked side by side was staggering.

The interior was finished in black leather with many of the switchgear and more functional items familiar to me from my own car. This seems to be the norm now for most manufacturers and it seems logical but disappointing for a car that costs almost £60k. However, that said there was some nice M series detailing, such as the coloured stitching around the wheel and the logo on the gearshift.

This model was equipped with the MDCT 7-speed twin clutch gearshift so you have three modes of driving: normal, automatic, Kardon music system turned up.

The sound the car makes when you accelerate sends a shiver down your spine and it’s actually worth having no music on so you can properly hear that 4.0 litre V8 roar.

As you can imagine with all the technology and power on board, there is not much on the road that can keep up if you put your mind to it and the car is very, very quick on all roads, though I especially loved driving it on nice and twisty B roads that made the chassis really come alive.

All in all a fantastic car and if you’re looking for a powerful convertible that suits all seasons and can take four adults, then there are not many other options that will give you similar performance and comfort for the money.

The BMW M3 Convertible driven by Neal Holloway is priced £66,055 and was provided by Fawdington BMW, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE2 4LE, tel 0191 261 7366, www.fawdingtonbmw.co.uk