What difference can Road Safety Week mean for drivers at your organisation?

What difference can Road Safety Week mean for drivers at your organisation?

At Effective Transport Solutions, boosting road safety for people who drive for work is central to the training we deliver – so it will come as no surprise that we’re right behind this year’s Road Safety Week (November 17 – 23).

The theme of this year’s week-long event is ‘Look out for each other’. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of responsible motoring and the potential benefits associated with driving with due care and consideration for others who share the road with you – not just fellow motorists, but cyclists and pedestrians too.

Road Safety Week is a noble cause and one which champions a notion that each and every one of us who get behind the wheel of a car can and should subscribe to.

That said, with the best will in the world, it is one thing to have the intention to look out for other road users – but quite another to actually put that desire into practice.

Why? Well, being able to look out for others requires that you’re actually aware of the way that you drive. That sounds simple – and not to mention obvious – but analysing your own driving style is harder than you think.

So while you may think you’re a safe and responsible driver, it remains important to bear in mind the fact that there are very few people on our roads who are, through their driving lifetimes, able to remain immune to those momentary but frequent lapses of concentration that only years of incident-free motoring seem to subtly bring about. The same goes for those bad habits which – through laziness, forgetfulness or complacency – become deeply ingrained in the way we drive.

Ask yourself the simple question: do you think you would pass your driving test again if you took it tomorrow?

For most of us the answer is: ‘probably not’.

So, while the importance of looking out for each other on the road may sound about as obvious as it is seemingly simple to do, I would warn against such complacency.

A good place to start casting a true critical eye over the way you drive would be to sign up to the Brake pledge if you haven’t already.

Doing so would be a good first step in helping to make our roads a safer place to be – not just for motorists, but for everyone; and  not just for Road Safety Week but all year round – this year, next year, and for years into the future.

Find out more about driving safely at: http://www.tadea.com/Businesses/Sustainable-travel/Effective-Transport-Solutions/Home