I love flying, me

I love flying, me

When the first Frank’s store opened at Stockton in 1996 a memorable sales slogan was born: ‘I love carpets, me!’

There are now 30 Frank’s stores across the North East, and when BQ asked business development manager Mick Copeland what he’d like to have been in another life his impulsive response was: ‘Nothing else, I love carpets, me.’ But then another thought struck him…

If I wasn’t in the flooring industry, I’d like to have been a pilot in the Royal Air Force. I wouldn’t necessarily have had to have been a fighter pilot, any sort of pilot in the service would have been wonderful.

I was born into a Forces family. My sister was in the RAF for 30 years, and other family members have had wonderful careers withthe service.

When I was younger, I visited all of the different camps where my sister was based. She ran the officers’ messes, and the atmosphere and sights were hugely inspiring. Unfortunately, they weren’t inspiring enough for me to achieve the grades I’d have needed to pursue the career I had dreamed of, being a pilot.

I spent some time at RAF Scampton, the base from which the Dambusters set off on their historic mission. It’s now home to the Red Arrows. I also visited RAF Laarbruch in Germany, where my sister was married in the late 1970s. Many of these places are steeped in history and fantastic to spend time around.

Living in Seaburn, I still love the Sunderland Air Show, which is right on my doorstep. Seeing the skill of the pilots who perform for the thousands who turn up along the seafront is still very exciting.

It was particularly exciting for me, a couple of years back, to be able to link up Frank’s The Flooring Store with the North East Air Museum in Sunderland, and to donate carpets to fit out the Hawker Siddeley HS 121 Trident as part of its preservation. The carpet was almost an exact replica of that used throughout original standard models of the plane.

Now, though, working for one of the best known names in the flooring industry, I find my feet firmly on the ground. I love what I do, even if I still give an envious look up to the skies from time to time.