TipsyPud: Launching a luxurious cocktail dessert business

A budding entrepreneur has combined her love of desserts and cocktails to launch her own company – and is hoping the public can help her take it national. Lucy Anderson explains how she got TipsyPud off the ground.

Lucy Anderson from Gosforth setup the TipsyPud brand to create deserts fusioned with cocktails and has already secured a major deal with Fenwicks.

TipsyPuds are available as individual pots for events, retail packs of 2, 4 and 12 for home consumption as well as along with complementary liqueur drinks with their own chocolate shot glasses.

“Although the Indulgence Collections will be sold through our own e-commerce platform directly to customers for home delivery, there are other sales channels such as high end retailers like Fenwicks who have agreed to stock the retail packs pre-Xmas 15 ” Lucy explained.

The 36-year-old has been working on the mouth-watering creations over the last year and is now all set to take them to market.

And with ambitious plans to see TipsyPud available across the UK, she is using investment platform CrowdCube to raise the money needed.

Lucy said: "It has been a long journey to get where we are now with many ups and downs along the way, but when I look at the end products I know it has all been worth it.

“The challenge now is to attract the investment we need to help us launch TipsyPud nationally. The beauty of this platform is people can invest as much or as little as they want as every little contribution helps.

“I often invest on CrowdCube myself. I think it is a great way to make an investment and help new start-up companies.

“The traditional investment routes are often chicken and egg scenarios because you need to get to a certain point to obtain the money you need, and the smaller funding programmes are no good because you need more than they can give you.

“I realised last year that I needed help to pull the whole plan together and approached Elizabeth Shaw of The innovation Centre in Sunderland who introduced me to Keith Gill.

“Keith has helped me in so many ways, bringing his wealth of knowledge in the food industry he has helped me build the team I have today to take the product nationwide.

“The combination of a young entrepreneur working with a seasoned entrepreneur should go a long way to helping build a solid platform for success.

"I have had so much help and support from the business community in the North East, from advice and introductions to people offering reduced cost services because they believe in me and the products I have created.”

Lucy has created desserts in a variety of cocktail combinations, using the flavours from the liqueurs, with combinations such as the light and smooth Russian with mellow tones of coffee to the zesty lemon drop Martini with a strawberry twist and more desserts are currently being developed.

In addition to Keith Gill, the man behind the Phileas Fogg brand, the TipsyPud team comprises a partnership with Dot Blue Commerce, an e-commerce expert; Jon Walsh, and Michelle Kenny, an events specialist. There are also several local businessmen in advisory positions.

Lucy is hoping to move into new premises in the autumn and will look to create five jobs by the end of 2016.

The 36-year-old added: “I am a mum of three and I know how difficult it is to juggle work and family lives. I can recall feeling devastated at missing my children's school plays when I worked in an employee role.

“In my previous business I always valued my employees and respected their commitments. If they had a very important family or life event they told me about it and we worked around it, so as a consequence we had virtually no sick days and we all worked together as a team and everyone felt valued.

“It is another aspect I am passionate to create within TipsyPud, in fact it’s own spirit – the esprit de corp!”

BQ will continue to cover Lucy’s success with TipsyPud as the firm aims to go national.