If We Can You Can: Ayodeji A. Fowode of Fiyom Group

If We Can You Can: Ayodeji A. Fowode of Fiyom Group

Ayodeji A. Fowode got the idea for his app while studying at University, and after gaining practical experience working in Silicon Valley, he now has the app up and running. He spoke to BQ about why he has entered the If We Can You Can Challenge, and where he hopes to see his business in the future...

What inspired you to set up your business?

I had the idea since I was in the university to create an application which will be used solely for education to help improve the learning lifestyle of a student. The application is developed to improve daily simple problems that students face over the learning lifespan.  


What did you do before setting up your business?

I worked in the Silicon Valley, USA to gain enough experience in the field of my business.


What makes this business different?

The application I created is the 1st of its kind. I have leverages existing and newer technology to create a dynamic centralized application that acts as a student hub.

The education sector is a very delicate and difficult area to address and we have made a ground breaking input into making life easier for the future generation of students.


What inspired you to enter the If We Can You Can Challenge?

I was introduced to one of the members while presenting at the FinanceCamp. My company was 1 of the 10 qualifies to progress from the FinanceCamp.


Where do you see your business in three years’ time?

In 3 years, my application will be the number one socio-educational app globally used by students.


What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

The great feedback from my peers, mentors and the students especially has been very rewarding.


What has been your biggest challenge?

This is the 1st application of its kind so there is a limitation of information and guidance especially from the educational institutions.


Who/what gave you support or advice?

I have had many great mentors over the period. Ranging from Family, friends, students, local MPs, the ministry of education, the universities and big companies who have shown interest like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Visa etc


What advice would you give to someone looking to set up their own business?

Once you have a great idea, then regardless of the outcome, keep working hard. If the ever is a problem, don’t change or abandon your idea but change your approach to the idea. 


For information on how to apply, the competition and its benefits please visit www.ifwecanyoucan.co.uk Deadline for entries is 16th of October 2016.