If We Can You Can: Natalie Diver of Oh My Glow

If We Can You Can: Natalie Diver of Oh My Glow

Natalie Diver started her business after noticing a gap in the market for healthy, natural supplements. She talked to BQ about why she entered her business in to If We Can You Can, and where she plans to take it from here...

Tell us about your business

​Oh My Glow is a Food Supplement company ​with a simple belief: nourish from the Inside to glow on the Outside. Our product range stands out from anything currently in the market due to it being beauty-focused, and all products are approved Vegan and suitable for anyone with food intollerances.

After launching just over a year ago, we have gained a huge social media following and attention from online influencers. With just two products so far, we've amassed a large, loyal customer base and great reviews from those who have tried our products.

We will also be expanding our product range to move into the newly established beauty supplement market. Our products encourage beauty from the inside, as well as spreading a body positive message on social media.


What did you do before setting up your business?

I set up Oh My Glow straight out of University. Before that, I was heavily involved in entrepreneurship.

During University, I worked for a start-up in a business development role and helped the company raise investment and secure a global deal with a major retailer. This role also saw me featured on national television with the BBC as finalists in a business competition.

I also founded the Entrepreneur Society at Newcastle University and spent time building up a community of entrepreneurs within the University from various educational backgrounds. During this time I was invited to Buckingham Palace with James Caan to be appointed as one of the first ambassadors of the Start Up Loan scheme, as well as being invited to 10 Downing Street to consult with Lord Young on youth entrepreneurship.

Before setting up my company I won 13 national awards for my work in startups and entrepreneurship, and this experience solidified my belief that I wanted to start my own company.


What inspired you to set up your business?

I was inspired to set up my own company through my own personal health journey. For some time during University, I had some severe stomach issues and after a trip to LA, started to heal this through nutrition. After returning to Europe, I noticed that there weren't the same types of products or ingredients available. After looking at certain supplements in retail stores, I noticed that they were packed with sugars, additives and chemicals but posing as healthy. I knew I could do better than this.

I spent a year in development, working with labs and testing different ingredients and blends. After trialling the blend with my family and friends and receiving fantastic reviews, I decided it was time to take the plunge and turn this into a business.


What makes this business different?

Oh My Glow is different to anything currently on the market in two ways: the product & the market. The products are completely unique in the way that they encourage skin nourishment from the inside in a fun way. i.e. Brownie Mix packed with Vitamin A, Beauty Blend formulated for hair, skin and nails.

These products have absolutely nothing added and are simply superfoods with vitamins and minerals. At the moment, this currently isn't being done and for this reason it’s attracting attention and growing a loyal customer base. This market is very new and a lot of companies have struggled to tap into that younger millennial generation, Oh My Glow does this successfully through it’s fun, body positive marketing. 


What inspired you to enter the If We Can You Can Challenge?

I think it would be great exposure for my business and a chance to tell the brand story. I think this will inspire other young north east entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses.


Where do you see your business in three years’ time?

I see Oh My Glow retailing in the UK, Europe and USA nationwide, as well as large commerce sales every month. We will have an extensive supplement range, alongside a workout clothing and accessories collection.


What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

The reviews that my products get online is incredibly rewarding. We are improving peoples health as well as their confidence and to hear that this is a must-have product feels completely surreal. Seeing an idea go from an idea to a product on a shelf that people love to purchase is incredibly rewarding. I’ve also inspired others to set up product based businesses which is incredible.


What has been your biggest challenge?

I had a business partner in the early stages of the business and we both had strong ideas of where the business was heading and these weren’t aligned. It caused a lot of conflict and eventually I was able to buy him out of the business. This was hugely stressful.


Who/what gave you support or advice?

I received a lot of advice from my mentor and my University. It taught me a lot about dealing with conflict and also being able to ride the ups and downs that inevitably come with entrepreneurship. Running your own business can be very tough, so learning to be resilient is imperative.


What advice would you give to someone looking to set up their own business?

Just go and do it. Sitting thinking about it will not do. You need to get out there in front of your market and just get started, you’ll pull it all together along the way and this will be a lot easier than getting started. Take the leap and don’t look back.