Signacure Resilience launches new cyber security service

Signacure Resilience launches new cyber security service

A Teesside firm which provides software solutions and web applications has enlisted the help of a Newcastle based cyber expert to ensure its customers have a safe and secure standard of cyber hygiene.

AES Digital Solutions Ltd has used the skills of Signacure Resilience and their new Cyber Security Service which provides protection for clients’ networks and delivers the detailed information they need to find security weaknesses before they present a threat to the business.

The new service was developed in response to feedback from businesses concerned about protecting themselves against risks but unsure how best to do so. Crucially, it allows business that have outsourced their networks to infrastructure providers to bring oversight and governance of security threats back in house, while continuing to work with those providers.

Signacure Resilience principal partner, Dave Lloyd said: "Many businesses now use outsourced network and communications providers to manage their IT infrastructure, but providers are not always sufficiently skilled in security techniques that are directly concerned with protecting and enabling your own business objectives.

"Instead of reporting back on risks to the network, suppliers tend to focus on other key performance indicators such as system availability and performance. That means business owners don’t always have the data they need to create or adapt their security strategy.

"Our new Cyber Security Service has been developed to allow businesses to bring the security governance and oversight back into their direct control, while enabling them to continue outsourcing their IT infrastructure.".

Managing Director of AES, Lesley Moody MBE said: "Being able to show our Cyber Essentials certificate means every customer and supplier we deal with can be reassured that we have a level of cyber hygiene in place that inspires confidence. It is not just our word but also that of a government scheme. Gaining certification ensured we had worked through each of the five key domains of Access Control, Malware, Software Patching, Secure Configuration and Network and Firewall Connectivity."