Tech company helps businesses fight IT virus

Tech company helps businesses fight IT virus

A North East technology company is launching a fightback against a virus that threatens the security of UK businesses.

The Ransomware virus is said to have attacked 54% of companies based in Britain already by removing users' access to vital business files.

Once an attack is launched, usually through the user unwittingly opening an email attachment, it cannot be reversed.

Technology Services Group (TSG), based in Gosforth, has announced a new security webinar series aimed at businesses that want to protect their IT infrastructure.

Developed by TSG in response to an increase in approaches from companies that have been targeted, the webinars will show IT managers and others how they can protect their businesses against attacks.

Paul Burns, chief technology officer at TSG Paul Burns, said: "We’re being contacted by an increased number of businesses that have been hit by these attacks and need to improve protection of their IT systems moving forward."

Burns explained that nearly 60% of businesses attacked were said to have paid 'ransom' money to get their data back, even though there is no guarantee that their files would be restored. 

He said: "These Ransomware strains are becoming more evolved and that is where we need to educate users about what can be done to prevent these attacks from ever taking place."

TSG, which employs 350 people from offices across the UK, provides IT support solutions, telecoms and IT security specific to hundreds of businesses and is a holder of seven Microsoft gold competencies, putting it among the global company's leading partners worldwide.

The first in TSG’s webinar series is set to take place on November 17 at 2.30pm.