Teesside wind farm reaches completion

Teesside wind farm reaches completion

Construction work on a new wind farm on Teesside has been completed and work commissioning it is now well underway.

Regional employer Banks Renewables, part of The Banks Group, began construction work on the Lambs Hill wind farm site at the beginning of October after completing a six month programme of site preparation, construction and infrastructure development activities.

Since then, work at the site has been continuing on schedule, and it is expected that the wind farm will begin production before the end of the year.

Over £1m of contracts have been awarded to North East sub-contractors working on Lambs Hill.

The Lambs Hill community benefits fund, which will be worth £10,000 every year throughout the scheme's 25-year lifespan, will become active once the wind farm begins to generate electricity for the National Grid.

A committee of local people has been set up to review and agree the local organisations and good causes that will receive funding from the fund.

Lewis Stokes, community relations manager at The Banks Group, says: "Seeing the turbines is always an exciting landmark for our renewables construction team, and despite a wet and blustery few weeks, work is continuing to progress in line with our planned timetable.

"Our expectation remains that Lambs Hill will be producing energy before the end of the year, at which point it will also begin to generate revenues for the community benefits fund that forms part of the overall development package, which will in turn help us make long-term improvements to local facilities.

"Modern, efficient onshore wind farms such as Lambs Hill are acknowledged as providing the lowest cost form of carbon-free renewable energy generation for the UK, and we firmly believe they have a central role to play in the UK’s future energy mix, as well as in generating more of the energy that we all use via renewable means."


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