County Durham start-up tackles substance misuse

County Durham start-up tackles substance misuse

A North-East company is among the first in the UK to offer employers full training and testing for substance misuse in the workplace.

County Durham-based Hall & Angus has been set up to help businesses comply with legislation governing the treatment of employees with issues surrounding drugs and alcohol.

The company, founded by former police officer Trevor Hall and business partner Gordon Angus offers a range of training courses to teach staff how to identify individuals who may be suffering from substance and alcohol abuse.

Gordon, who formerly worked for energy efficiency company Eaga, said: "Misuse of substances is a chronic problem which affects not only the individuals concerned but everyone attached to them,"

"Programmes which assist employees with substance issues should be an integral part of any proactive and socially responsible company.

"And along with identifying and implementing these programmes, we help companies ensure they are fully compliant with workplace legislation."

Hall & Angus was formed with support from the Eaga Trust, set up to help former Eaga employees, such as Gordon.

Trust Ambassador Shirley Blacklock said "We were very impressed with Gordon’s business idea; they have clearly found a gap in the market and will bring their expertise to bear in helping businesses develop and implement policies in this important area. We were delighted to help with a business loan"

The Trust offers its members a range of benefits including self-development courses, business start-up loans and guidance for those planning to start their own, employee-owned businesses.