Tyneside tech training firm expands into Yorkshire

Tyneside tech training firm expands into Yorkshire

A Newcastle-based IT training and resource provider will roll out its services beyond the North East next year as continues its drive to galvanise the North's burgeoning tech sector.

DevAcademy - established in 2012 and founded by a team that includes Sunderland Software's chief executive David Dunn - has launched a series of free website coding accelerator courses in Newcastle and Gateshead, and upskilled over 40 people.

The organisation has now set its sights on Leeds and Bradford where in early 2017 it will unveil a series of courses to fast track people into employment with the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise among others.

DevAcademy managing director, Rachel Peacock, explains: "We launched our first course in 2014 and have seen many developers, testers, analysts and others find employment with companies in the North East and have catapulted themselves to success. We can't wait to continue our work in Yorkshire"

"We up-skill local people and get them into jobs, which, of course, brings great satisfaction to us. Our courses were created out of demand for specific skills in the sector. We realised that technology moves so fast and curriculum simply cannot keep up or teach all the requirements for entry roles in IT.

"We recognised that there was a skills gap nationwide and wanted to create a cost-effective, flexible resourcing solution for companies, which would compliment their current recruitment processes. Essentially, we find and upskill ambitious people who want to work in software development or similar IT roles."

Those who successfully complete the training courses will be interviewed for roles within the company. They could also be invited to interview directly with software providers, such as Hewlett Packard, Capgemini, Virgin Money and others for live or future vacancies. 

Rachel said: "Many graduates of the previous courses have had great success with finding employment with us or through us.

"We understand the pressures of companies wanting to grow or even just resource appropriately for project work.

"Contracting is expensive and can lead to a loss of Intellectual property. We're offering businesses a more cost-effective, long-term solution to help them create their own future workforce.  Lack of skills is stifling the growth of many companies and so we're aiming to eliminate that issue through our resourcing model."


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