Isha indulges love of jewellery

Isha indulges love of jewellery

Years of training to become a pharmacist couldn’t dull Isha Kumar’s passion for fashion, leading her to dip her toes into entrepreneurialism with her very own jewellery business.

But Isha’s plans are grand, as she sets her sights on becoming the number one national provider of affordable fashion accessories for young women.

The 29-year-old Sunderland University pharmaceutical graduate, from Newcastle, officially unveiled Elora Jewels London before Christmas and her new company enjoyed thousands of hits and online purchases from people who want to pick up all of the latest affordable jewellery trends.

“I have been a fashionista since a young age,” says Isha, “and jewellery is an integral part of styling. Fashion itself is a form of art that we live our life in and jewellery is one of the integral parts of it.”

“I love that anyone can express themselves through jewellery,” she adds.

Elora Jewels will this season offer customers the chance to buy an “unrivalled” and stunning collection of earrings and chokers from around the world.

Reflecting on her journey from pharmacy to fashion, the ambitious Newcastle-born Isha Kumar, said: “As I continue to practice as a pharmacist in the North East I have chosen to fulfil another ambition of mine.

"My fellow pharmacists have been exceptionally supportive about my new adventure in the fashion world and, although I'm proud to be a pharmacist, I'm extremely excited about this next chapter in my life.

“Although Elora Jewels London is geared more towards the young female market, ladies of all ages and walks of life can enjoy the products we sell.

“Our collections are on trend and our website boasts a range of timeless classics to beautify all women.”

Isha has promised to provide a customer centred brand and has set her team the task of breaking new trends online before they hit the high streets.

Over the coming weeks and months, her staff will be attending major fashion shows from around the globe to ensure Elora Jewels London's finger is firmly on the pulse.

“As well as attempting to lead the way and provide a voice for the women we provide trend-setting jewellery for, we want to listen to what our customers are saying,” adds Isha.

“My sole vision is to build a high-quality, affordable and reputable online jewellery business customised to our customer's wishes. We want to be the leader in a highly competitive market and build a brand women can trust.”

Whilst she gets the business off the ground, Isha will be keeping up her day job. “It certainly is a challenge and a lot of hard work but the drive to succeed enables me to run both to the best of my ability,” she says.

“At present I am still a fully practicing pharmacist but evenings, mornings and lunchtimes and weekends are dominated my Elora Jewels London. As things grow then a re-shift in the balance of both roles must be considered.”